positive teachers“I was very reassured working with Federal Debt Assist when applying for my student loan consolidation. They were very professional and helped guide me through the course of my application. Their knowledge in this field is EXCELLENT, I’m glad I took a chance and reached out to them. I will definitely be spreading the word so others can get the help they need without any of the concerns you might face when dealing with companies that say they’re looking out for your best interest.” – Mario Hernandez

“I was fortunate enough to find out about Federal Debt Assist while applying for a student loan consolidation and incomebased repayment. The guys here were very helpful and ensured that I understood every detail of the debt solution for which I was applying. I definitely recommend Federal Debt Assist to all who could use assistance in tackling their student loan debt. Give them a call! They definitely helped me, big time.” – Frederick Davidson

“Federal Debt Assist was able to do for me what I’ve been too lazy to do for myself; TAKE CARE OF MY STUDENT LOANS! I know they’re not going away, but at least because of Federal Debt Assist they’re much more manageable now. It really is like filing your taxes, you could do it yourself, but going to a professional just seems like a smarter idea. NO, Federal Debt Assist did not wipe out my debt. YES, they did make it easier to pay by combining them all into one loan. YES, they did lower my payment by stretching out my term.. But that was MY decision. I can still pay more towards my loans to pay them off earlier if I choose. But for now I have the peace of mind knowing I can make my payments each month on time without freaking out about my other bills. Thank you Federal Debt Assist for giving me all of the information needed for me to make an EDUCATED decision. It was worth the half an hour on the phone to have my loans consolidated and payment lowered by over $300 a month! I have already referred three of my friends and family over to you guys (how about a little kickback? lol).” – Rodrigo Peligro

“I was feeling so overwhelmed about my student loans and because of Federal Debt Assist I feel like they are so much more manageable! My student loan advisor was beyond helpful, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. It was a super easy process and so much better than trying to figure it out on my own. I am so glad I called! Thank you Federal Debt Assist for saving me from this burden” – Kevin Mulaton

“I called Federal Debt Assist after doing some research on federal forgiveness programs from Obama and the law he passed a while back. I didn’t want to give out my information to them, but I spoke with an associate and he didn’t pressure me into doing anything really at all. He made the process very simple and walked me through everything. After speaking to him for about 30 minutes…..I decided that I would give him my info. I was still a little nervous, but once we went through the whole application process he took a look at all of my student loans and programs I qualified for and advised me not to do anything. He said I was in the absolute best program I could be in and to not touch a thing. This really reassured me that they were not just out for the money! I have now recommended them to a ton of my friends and was happy to do so! I spoke to A LOT OF COMPANIES and Federal Debt Assist definitely is the one to work with and trust with your student loans. I guarantee they will be of help.” – Anthony Gleckafuc

“Federal Debt Assist delivered exactly the experience and service I have been looking for. They were able to lower my student loan payments, and working with their representatives was very enjoyable and quite easy. I never once felt like they were pressuring me like some other companies do. They processed my forbearance and consolidation application within a month and a half. I would highly recommend their services to anyone with student loans that needs advice and help.” – Michael Birdsong

You can also receive the best assistance in this industry. You have every right to be hesitant when contacting any company but you will never know how we can help nor what you are eligible for unless you give us a call. We are on your side. We are only here to help. Our student loan advisors are highly and vigorously trained to provide you with the utmost, understanding advice and positive direction. There’s no cost or obligation to gaining the knowledge to make a decision that will positively affect your financial situation. Don’t wait to take advantage of the savings you are eligible for.

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